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Orlando Nadai, born in 1956, is a consolidated artist of rare artistic sensibility, as well as a intellectual person of great humanity. He got a degree in Photography ITIS Bodoni in Turin, he taught photography at the professional school of Treviso. In 1982 he moved to Strasbourg, where he was audiovisual College of Technology professor (IUT). Important was the role of technical darkroom in the production of large format holograms in the company's most advanced era, the IDHOL. Since then, he has fully given himself in what he calls "the beloved and doomed passion": photography, which engages him in an obsessive search for underground truth. He currently lives in Italy, in his childhood Treviso.

His series of shots, mostly in black and white, large format, speak about a layer of society that can not be seen to passersby. Goes survey of retail and forgotten places to bring to light from indifference of History. His research goes from charming glimpses industry and, above all, urban, meticulous analysis of the "common places". From that "trivial revisited" emerges an Italian company, complex and contradictory. Yet to be discovered.

Valentina Tarquini, biographer